Auxmoney Quick Loan

Whether quick loan, express loan, instant loan or lightning loan – all of the terms mentioned basically describe the same type of loan: a loan with particularly fast payout. But no matter what you want to call the loan, with a quick loan from auxmoney you are on the safe side in the event of financial difficulties.

Since the loan application can be processed completely online, the auxmoney quick loan is usually available for disbursement much earlier than the classic loan from a bank. Lengthy discussions with your bank advisor, justifications and filling out paperwork – none of this is necessary with auxmoney and thus saves a lot of time, which benefits the quick processing of your loan application.

Apply for credit easily and quickly online

  • Flexible terms and fair interest
  • Loan amounts between 1,000 and 50,000 euros
  • Free use: quick loan for all wishes and purchases
  • Fast credit possible despite Schufa

How quickly is the loan paid out?

The loan amount of the quick loan is usually ready for payment within 24 hours. Accordingly, the money is in the borrower’s account after just a few days.

Choose your quick loan now
At auxmoney you can apply for a quick loan online within minutes. To do this, first select the amount of your quick loan (1,000 to 50,000 euros) and the term (12 to 84 months) and start the loan application with one click. We will then carry out a non-binding assessment of your creditworthiness in advance.

We use over 300 features to determine your individual auxmoney score and thus the interest on your quick loan. As a rule, a positive credit decision is made within a few minutes and you will be presented with customized credit offers.

After receiving the instant confirmation, it is possible to identify yourself quickly and easily online using VideoIdent and also to sign the loan agreement online via eSign. After that, nothing stands in the way of your loan with quick disbursement and we will immediately initiate the disbursement via the SWK Bank. The loan amount will then be in your account within a very short time (24 hours to a few days).

Easily create a personal profile digitally

Fill out the loan application in a few minutes

Quick examination of the financing options

Identification by VideoIdent

Sign the contract online

Desired amount ready to be paid out within 24 hours

Tips for an even faster loan payout
After you have applied for your quick loan online and have decided on a loan offer after a positive loan decision, there are some tips that you can use to secure the benefit of an even faster payout. If you do a majority of the steps online, you simplify the process of editing for us. If you follow the following tips, the quick loan is usually ready for payment in 24 hours:

An icon-shaped tablet stands for the use of the loan calculator
Use the loan calculator online beforehand to determine the appropriate loan amount, term and affordable loan installment
A € symbol and an identification document provide precise information in the loan application

Provide as precise information as possible in the loan application in order to receive suitable loan offers.
A person in the video chat clarifies the identification by VideoIdent
Use VideoIdent for identification
A tablet and a pen illustrate the online signing of the loan agreement
Sign the loan agreement online with eSign

Particularly fast loan processing thanks to private investors
The money for the quick loan that you request from auxmoney comes from private investors. The faster they lend you money, the faster they can earn on your investment – a clear win-win situation for borrowers and lenders. The personal loans or P2P loans from auxmoney are particularly fast loans, because in the pool of over 50,000 private investors, suitable lenders for almost all applications can be found within a few minutes.

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