Get a quick loan in just 3 steps
With our loan comparison you can quickly calculate your desired monthly rate and thus compare the best loan from over 20 banks.

Credit offers from the selected direct banks are always free and non-binding. You can conveniently submit the loan application online and quickly receive a loan approval from the bank.

Online loan calculator
Simply enter the desired loan amount and the term in the loan calculator and compare the conditions.

Apply for a desired loan
Select the loan you want and apply for your quick loan directly online.

Instant loan approval online
In just a few steps you will immediately receive a non-binding loan offer. You are welcome to make several loan inquiries at various banks in order to get the cheapest online loan.

Loans over the Internet are known to be particularly fast. The loan with immediate payment – here you will usually receive the necessary amount no later than the first bank working day after the application to your account.

A quick loan is an installment loan or consumer loan that you can apply for and take out quickly online.
You can usually get quick loans at significantly lower interest rates than in the branch, among other things. because the cost of the banks is lower.

There is also the fully digital quick loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment. In this case, not only does the comparison and application run online, but also the checking and approval by the bank is fully automated and digital.

Many people wonder what a quick loan is about. About time, of course – but not only! There is no fixed definition of what exactly a quick loan is. As a rule, the quick loan is a loan that is processed and paid out particularly quickly. The high speed from the loan application to the disbursement is achieved by the fact that you as the borrower can complete all important steps completely online and the information is automatically digitally processed by the respective bank.

Direct banks as pioneers in digital quick loans
Direct banks in Germany have long been masters of quick loans. A non-binding loan approval now often only takes seconds. The online application including the upload of all relevant documents is completed in a short time. A convenient VideoIdent procedure for personal legitimation, a digital signature on the contract and the complete fast processing of the loan with the most modern online procedures ensure that you will actually find your money in the account after 24 to 48 hours at the latest. Comparable to the classic instant loan, lengthy application and processing procedures are also alien to the quick loan – and of course with a thorough credit check and immediate secure payout.

Quick Loan – This loan is not only particularly brisk
Thanks to the latest online credit procedures, you as a customer can not only get your money faster with the quick loan. As a borrower, you also enjoy maximum flexibility:

Loan amount and term: It starts with the desired loan amount, which usually allows loans of 2,500 euros and up to 100,000 euros – with which pretty much everything can be financed in everyday life. You can also freely choose the terms from 12 to sometimes 120 months. This ensures that the loan is repaid in installments entirely according to the wishes, needs and possibilities.

Repayment as desired: But not only the right monthly installment to the budget enables flexible repayment. With free special repayments, possible installment breaks or the complete early repayment of the remaining loan, you can adapt your quick loan individually to all situations – from the first day of repayment at no additional cost.

Just compare for yourself and find the best quick loan
The best way to find a loan that can be paid off quickly enough is to compare all current offers. To do this, you just have to pay attention to the product properties shown in comparison.

Only a few working days: You can find out how long it takes from application to payment in the loan comparison on CAPITALO. The expected waiting time until the desired loan amount arrives in your account is usually specified in working days or working days. Since there are numerous offers of quick loans on the Internet, it is also worth comparing interest rates and other loan terms.

The APR is crucial: Finding favorable terms for your quick loan, you should first of all pay attention to the APR of the various offers: This interest rate includes all other costs in addition to the fixed borrowing rate and therefore shows you the best possible loan costs.

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