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The money will be in the account by tomorrow at the latest.

A quick loan is particularly suitable if you need short-term money. One of the typical features of quick loans is that all steps are usually carried out via the Internet.

In the case of offers with the “immediate payout” option, the loan is paid out particularly quickly. After a few minutes, you will receive a binding immediate decision on your loan and the money will be in your account by the next banking day at the latest.

If a so-called quick loan without Schufa query is promised on dubious-looking websites, you should exercise the greatest caution. In CHECK24’s credit comparison, you will only find offers from reputable banks and credit brokers.

There is no fixed definition of what exactly a quick loan is. Generally, the quick loan is a loan that is processed and paid out particularly quickly. The high speed from the loan application to the disbursement is mostly achieved by the fact that borrowers complete all important steps online and the information is automatically processed by the bank.

To find a loan that can be paid off quickly enough, you should pay attention to the product features shown in the comparison. You can find out how much time passes from the application to the payment in the CHECK24 loan comparison. The expected waiting time until the money is in the account is specified here in days. Since there are many offers of quick loans on the Internet, it is also worth comparing interest rates and other conditions.

In order to find favorable terms for your quick loan, you should above all compare the effective annual interest rate of the offers: This interest rate contains not only the borrowing rate but also other costs – and therefore best reflects the entire loan costs. With the quick loan comparison from CHECK24 you can compare different conditions free of charge and without obligation in order to find the cheapest provider for the planned purchase. If the interest on a loan depends on creditworthiness, then the representative example shows the highest interest rate that two thirds of the borrowers receive.

Digital: This is how the loan is paid out particularly quickly
Applying for a quick loan does not take long: after a thorough comparison of the terms and conditions, you can request the desired financing offer directly via CHECK24 online. In the application process, you must provide some personal data and information about your financial situation – the request for the quick loan will be forwarded to the relevant financial institution. The bank checks the information within a few moments.

Unlike with other online loans, you no longer have to send the contract and documents to the bank by post, you can do it digitally. To do this, photograph or scan the requested documents such as pay slips or bank statements and upload them to your CHECK24 customer area. At some banks, bank statements can be sent directly via the online access of the current account. If the bank agrees to the quick loan request, you will be informed immediately.

Is a quick loan without Schufa query serious?
In the case of quick loans, there are often dubious offers that promise lending without a credit check. Most providers advertise with “quick credit without Schufa” and a particularly quick payout. You should exercise extreme caution here.

Even if you are in dire need of money, you should check the providers carefully. Reputable banks do not issue quick loans without a credit check, as they are legally obliged to check the solvency of borrowers. To do this, they also use credit agencies such as Schufa. Important: In the loan comparison from CHECK24 you will only find verified quick loans from reputable loan providers.

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