Credit even with negative financial history

Applicants with a negative Schufa do not usually receive a loan from banks in Germany. But there are exceptions. We cooperate with German lenders who approve a loan even with slight negative characteristics or with poor creditworthiness. For us, it is not (only) the data stored in your Schufa that counts – what matters most to us is your overall financial situation.

If you are able to repay your loan, we will always find a solution – even if the Schufa is negative. Thanks to our cooperation with banks in Switzerland, you will also receive a so-called Swiss loan from creditSUN, provided you meet the acceptance criteria. You can find out what these are in detail below.

New loan options!

Benefit from our extensive financing solutions. Even as a freelancer or self-employed, creditSUN offers a real alternative to the house bank with fast and unbureaucratic processing. creditSUN is connected to several providers in the field of peer-to-peer loans. The loan application can be checked promptly and approved quickly if the result is positive.

100% discretion

Do you want nobody to know about your borrowing? With a Swiss loan without Schufa, you benefit from 100% discretion: Neither the Schufa nor your house bank nor your employer will find out about your loan – you can rely on that. Loan seekers often have concerns that they will not get a loan due to a negative Schufa, and apply directly for a Swiss loan without Schufa information. But there are also other ways to borrow money with a negative feature in the Schufa. We check your financial situation and recommend the loan that best suits your needs.

No credit rating

Banks in Germany report credit inquiries to Schufa, which records in its database that the customer in question has applied for a loan from the bank. Depending on whether the report is made as a “credit request” or a “condition request”, this can also have an impact on the Schufa score. At creditSUN, your credit request is made as a “condition request”, so it does not affect your creditworthiness. Most banks in Germany also report the disbursement of the loan to Schufa and register it there. We also work with lenders in Germany and Switzerland who do not report the payment of your loan to Schufa. This means that your Schufa score remains unchanged.

Request without obligation and free of charge

Applying for a loan at creditSUN does not involve any preliminary costs. After submitting the form, you will receive a credit recommendation from us in the form of a concrete offer, which you can take a look at and then make a decision. Neither the inquiry nor the credit check is associated with costs for you. If you have any questions about the offer, you can get in touch with your personal contact at any time. Good advice is included with us – and of course free of charge for you.

Fast payout

With a loan without Schufa, you not only benefit from discretion, but also receive the loan paid out within a few days after checking your documents. Thanks to the online application form, lean processes and automated workflows, shortly after submitting your loan application, we are able to determine the loan program that best suits you and your financial situation. The loan amount is available to you – depending on the loan program – within a few days. The loan without Schufa is not tied to any purpose, you decide for yourself what the money is used for.

How can you get the Schufa-free loan?

If you want to apply for a loan with a bad credit rating, this is possible with creditSUN in just a few steps. Just follow this procedure to get your loan without Schufa:

In the form on our website, first enter the desired loan amount and the purpose for which you want your loan. Then enter your personal details, whereby a second borrower may increase the chances of a loan.

Our credit brokers will then carry out an individual review of your case and loan application. Here we compare different ways with which we can offer you a loan without Schufa.
After we have worked out our offers, we will contact you by phone. Together with you, we will discuss your personal loan offer and look for solutions so that your Schufa-free loan can be securely financed.

After consultation with you, we will use our many years of experience to create the ideal loan for you without Schufa. You will then receive the commitment immediately from us, as well as your loan agreement by post.

In the last step, check the loan agreement and sign it and send it back to us. You will then receive the desired amount as a credit without Schufa immediately transferred to your account.

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