Top up your credit today
Credit alternative: online credit up to € 2,000

50 – 2,000 € even with medium credit ratings
Instant charging day & night
Already over 20,000 satisfied customers

Credit from 50 €
Credit from € 50 to € 2000, even with a medium credit rating

Money for 45 days
Take up credit and pay back after 45 days

Alternative credit: online credit with 10-minute instant top-ups
Nowadays, borrowing money no longer has to be associated with lengthy applications, waiting times and high demands. Here you can find out how you can get fast online credit even with a medium credit rating and what advantages and securities KREDU can offer you in addition to instant top-ups.

What is a loan?
Finding a solid definition for the term “credit” is often difficult. Basically, it includes all lending of money between a lender and borrower on agreed terms (e.g. interest). The problem: Nowadays you can find a large number of different types of credit, all of which differ from one another in terms of lender, provision, term, scope, amount or purpose. A kind of terminology has developed around terms such as instant loan, mini loan, micro loan, express loan or express loan, especially in the area of ​​fast online loans, which often no longer allow a correct distinction.

At KREDU, we want to offer you a simple alternative to credit: Our credit card offers you up to € 2,000 with a term of 45 days. You will receive an immediate confirmation and we will load the credit onto a virtual credit card within a few minutes after a successful application.

Credit alternative: What are the advantages of KREDU online credit?
Classic loan applications to a bank often mean one thing above all else: paperwork, waiting times and regular calls or visits to a bank branch. KREDU offers you a quick and easy alternative without any bureaucratic effort.

Our maximum credit amount for existing customers is € 2,000 and the credit is available to you for a period of 45 days. With these specifications, we have the advantage that we can apply different standards to the allocation and thus can also allocate credit to people with Schufa entries (medium credit rating), low-wage earners, students and the unemployed.

You always benefit from our KREDU advantages:

  • Fast online credit with immediate payment (365 days a year)
  • Flexible amounts between € 50 and € 2,000
  • Borrow money even with medium credit ratings
  • No paperwork and no waiting times thanks to fast video identification
  • Cooperation with trustworthy banks enables safe and fast payouts
  • Funds available immediately on a virtual credit card
  • Including buy-back guarantee and free credit score check


An additional advantage is our credit top-up on a virtual credit card. This works like any other credit card, but is designed for online payments. It will be created for you during your application.

As soon as your application is completed, we can immediately credit the credit to the card and are not tied to conventional bank opening hours. For you this means: Immediate top-up at any time and direct access to your money. With the virtual credit card, you cannot withdraw cash from the machine, but you can pay quickly and easily online wherever Mastercard is accepted.

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