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Instant credit
To get an instant loan, you need to fill out the online loan request.
With an instant loan you can quickly achieve the goal of your wishes. In addition to the method for determining creditworthiness, the instant loan also differs from other loans in the average amount of the effective annual interest rate and in the type of debit interest.

In addition to the legal requirements, applicants must also meet a number of individual requirements in order to prove their creditworthiness. In Germany, many banks and savings banks use an information file such as E.g. the Schufa and thus determine the creditworthiness of a borrower solely on the basis of the static credit scoring.

Installment loan
The brokering of installment loans is standard at Optimalcredit for private customers.

An installment loan is the most common type of loan, and the loan amount is usually between 1,000 and 50,000 euros. The term extends to a maximum of 84 months, in rare cases they can also run up to 120 months. Usually, installment loans are provided as blank loans, which means that no collateral has to be provided.

The income situation is checked on the basis of wage or salary slips and an assignment of the wage or salary is then sufficient as security. If an applicant does not have the right credit rating, a financially stronger person can also provide a guarantee for them.

Non-disclosure loan
The Schufa is the protection community for general loan protection. It is a private credit agency that is supported by the lending industry. If a borrower does not meet his payment obligations with one of the affiliated companies, a negative entry is made in the Schufa database and the consumer usually no longer receives a loan from his bank.

Loans without private credit are also known as Swiss loans. This is understood as the type of loan in which your loan is granted despite negative Schufa entry.

This is where the offer of your Optimalcredit credit broker for loans without Schufa comes in. These are processed outside the sphere of influence of the German Schufa.

One speaks of rescheduling a financing if one either takes out a new loan when the previous fixed interest rate becomes due or changes a variable interest rate agreement to a fixed rate agreement, or carries out follow-up financing before the interest rate agreement expires.

In the case of a debt rescheduling, the capital available as a loan is reallocated, as it were, by replacing an existing loan in whole or in part and taking out a new loan or extending a loan in return.

Classically, the rescheduling of a financing includes the restructuring of parts of the overall financing.

For employees and employees
As an employee, you can receive a loan from the first month of your employment, even if you are still in your probationary period or your employment is limited.

A loan can be disbursed from an income of € 600 or more, depending on the income up to € 50,000, in exceptional cases even more in the case of long-standing employment relationships and secure employment.

The loan amount is paid out to you for free use, so you do not have to prove what you need the money for.

Submit your free and non-binding inquiry, you will receive a message in no time what we can make possible for you.

For civil servants and public service
As a civil servant, you have special options, not only that the loan amount can be significantly higher than € 50,000, but you can also choose a term of up to 240 months.
This will give you a comfortable rate that will not burden you.

It is often worthwhile to convert the high rates of other loans into a civil servant loan and thus gain more leeway in your financial situation.

We would be happy to check what options are available for you!

As an independent credit broker, we focus exclusively on the wishes and goals of our customers. A good analysis of your personal and professional life situation is our common basis for making the right decision about your financial needs.
Your financial experts since 1989.

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