Most of you know the situation, a manageable amount of money is needed quickly and urgently and the account no longer provides this expense. The reason for this can be, for example, an unforeseen car repair, damage to the property that needs to be repaired immediately, or simply the spontaneous desire for a vacation. A lightning loan with immediate payment, with which a small amount can be taken out quickly, easily and without complications, is often the perfect solution here.

Since the lightning loan in most cases does not exceed a sum of € 5000, and often only a few € 100 is taken out, not only do the application and payout go as fast as the lightning bolt, but the repayment is often made in just one one, sometimes two to three monthly installments, so that you are debt-free again in a flash. If money is needed urgently and quickly, many consumers fall back on the credit line that the bank grants them on their current account.

This account overdraft as part of the overdraft facility is of course easy, you can easily get the money you need from your account, provided you have an appropriate credit line, or pay by card. It should be noted, however, that the interest rates for an overdraft facility are very high at most banks and are often 15% or even more. Even if the money is only needed for a short time and the account is settled directly in the following month or within the next quarter at the latest, an overdraft facility is therefore often significantly more expensive than a corresponding lightning loan.

With our online credit comparison at, you can quickly and easily compare the conditions for a lightning loan from home and find the best lightning loan for your wishes and needs. All you have to do is enter a few details into the loan comparison calculator and you can compare the offers of many different lenders at a glance.

In our guide you will also find out everything you need to know about the lightning loan: how to apply for it and how it is paid out, which requirements you have to meet, whether the disbursement of a lightning loan is still possible today or whether you can wait longer Have to wait, how you get a lightning loan without Schufa, how the lightning loan is repaid and in which cases the lightning loan is a good solution. If you have already informed yourself comprehensively and have decided that you want to take out a lightning loan, you can start directly with the credit comparison and apply for your lightning loan conveniently online in our credit comparison at

That is what makes the lightning loan
A lightning loan is a loan with a mostly low loan amount like a small loan, which is usually between a few hundred and a maximum of 3,000 to 5,000 €. The outstanding feature of the lightning loan is the fact that it pays off very quickly. But not only is the disbursement quick with the Blitzkredit, the application, which almost always takes place online, is also very quick, as is the decision on lending, which is usually available after a few minutes and, last but not least, usually also Repayment with a lightning loan is very quick. Smaller sums of less than € 1,000 are usually repaid in a single installment in the following month, so that the lightning loan sometimes has a term of less than four weeks. Larger amounts between € 1,000 and € 3,000 to € 5,000 can sometimes be repaid in several monthly installments.

The lightning loan is characterized by the fact that small sums are borrowed, which are repaid directly in the following month in a single installment or in a maximum of two to three installments. The distinction between an express loan, which is often only paid up to an amount of € 1,500, a lightning loan and a quick loan or instant loan, with which several € 10,000 can be taken out, is somewhat fluid. Often it also differs from bank to bank how the fast and online applied loans are called. In general, however, it can be said that the lightning loan is characterized by the fact that it is applied for quickly, paid out quickly and also quickly paid back. The terms for a lightning loan with immediate payment are usually well under six months and a lightning loan of up to € 1,000 is usually repaid directly in one or a maximum of two installments.

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