At Verivox you can compare many offers – whether exclusive, fully digital quick loan, installment loan with instant approval or small loan. Your personal credit advisor is always at your side and ensures that you receive your money particularly quickly and smoothly: Call our free hotline on 0800 723 454 6 to find and take out the currently cheapest quick loan.

Find the fastest bank
All Verivox-approved banks offer instant confirmation online. You can see at which banks a quick identity check via Videoident is possible in the credit comparison with the “Online identification” filter. The following banks enable a completely digital deal:

With the Solarisbank Turbo Loan, customers can dispense with submitting documents (such as salary slips or checking account statements) thanks to the digital account view and then identify themselves online using VideoIdent and sign the loan agreement digitally.

At Barclaycard, Postbank, Qlick, Sberbank and SWK Bank, borrowers can identify themselves online using the VideoIdent process and then digitally sign the loan application. You can upload the required documents via the document upload on the bank’s website.

With Auxmoney and SKG, the loan process is similar. However, the user does not enter the Videoident process via Verivox, but via a separate link that he receives by email after the loan has been concluded.

At Younited Credit, customers can upload the required documents via the document upload. You will then receive a link by email, which you can use to start the VideoIdent process and digitally sign the loan application.

You can find out which bank is currently reacting the fastest at Verivox credit advice on 0800 723 454 6. Simply indicate that you want a loan with immediate payout. Your personal advisor will be happy to guide you through the borrowing process, help you choose the best bank for you, and make sure you receive your loan promptly.

What is a fully digital quick loan?
For all loans in the Verivox loan comparison, you can quickly compare your personal conditions, receive an instant confirmation in a few minutes and download the loan application. Most providers then require the documents to be sent by post, which takes a few days. In order for you to receive your loan faster, as many steps as possible in the processing process must take place online instead. The following graphic shows an overview of these steps and the time savings compared to the loan application with postage:

With a fully digital quick loan, all steps take place online and you do not send any evidence by post. Depending on the bank, you can immediately confirm your creditworthiness with a one-time digital look into your account (account view) or upload the documents online. You identify yourself online using VideoIdent and then sign the loan application with a digital signature. This gives the bank an instant overview of your financial situation and can transfer the money on the same day if you apply for your loan during the bank’s opening hours.

In the Verivox loan comparison, you first see the possible ranges of the current loan offers. Which interest you get from which provider depends on your creditworthiness with almost all providers. In order to find out your individual interest rates, first enter your creditworthiness-relevant data in the Verivox loan calculator. The data is transmitted to the banks, which obtain Schufa information about you. Since this is a condition request, there is no negative Schufa entry.

On the basis of your data, each bank calculates whether and at what interest rate it can meet your financing requirements. In a matter of seconds, each bank makes a credit decision and sends you an individual credit offer. If you are not sure which offer is the best, your personal Verivox credit advisor will be happy to help. He can recommend the fastest bank currently available. Now you can take out the desired loan.

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